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Heyllo! My name is supernerd & friends call me nerd :) I am a hobbyist Graphic Designer :) I mostly design FanFictional posters of KPOP stars :)) If you are interested in Fanfics & Graphic Desigin & KPOP :DD Then click on the link below :))
Also, follow me on IG : @justmepaj

May 27th at 8PM / 12 notes


I saw something like this on tumblr. & I thought “I want that to bad!” but then thought “Why can’t I just make one myself?” & thus you see these wonderful pictures of my new coffee mug, cup, and/or holder. I haven’t decided what exactly I want to do with it :DD

On one side it contains members I like in B.A.P (although I love them all. :P) It goes left to right. So on the right side of the handle is first Zelo <3,  HimChan X), then Leader Yong Guk >:)

The other side has B.A.P & BABY (bap’s fanbase name) 
& a little something of the rest of my lovely members are hearts that contain the color each members are :) 

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